nxtBIT specializes in eye catching website design, custom web app development, and robust hosting solutions for small businesses at a reasonable price.


Knoxville Business Connections


Knoxville Business Connection is a one stop solution for businesses and customers to connect with business listing, reviews, job postings, and message boards. Website written in Node.js, ES6, Pug, and Sass and running on Amazon's AWS EC2 with MongoDB.


Web App

Finn is an open source, simple, clean, flexible, and fast blogging platform written in Node.js and using MongoDB.

Lean Web App Programming


Teaching complete, full stack, web app development from start to finish. This course begins with the basics and ends with students developing their own web apps from scratch. With multiple projects throughout the course, it gets students ready to find the best jobs in programming. Topics that are taught throughout the course including ES6, Node.js, MongoDB, AWS, CSS3, and GitHub.

Software & Hardware Con.


A convention in Knoxville, Tennessee focusting on software and hardware for both professonals and hobbiests.



Brian W. Howard

Brian W. Howard is a mechanical engineer, full stack developer, and entrepreneur in Knoxville, Tennessee who owns Brian Howard Studios, co-owns Box Up Inc., and is very active in multiple programming and hardware communities.

He has started and runs multiple websites and projects including Knoxville Business Connection, a Node.js and MongoDB backed blogging platform, IoT tracking web apps, and numerous 3D CAD, Microcontroller, and rapid prototyping projects.

He holds an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tennessee Tech. in Cookeville, Tennessee, an associates degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism (Hospitality & Business) from Pellissippi in Knoxville, Tennessee, and a certification in Culinary Arts from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee.